Tooth Fairy Set

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Set for ages 6+ includes a Reporting Form for each tooth so that kids can practice their writing skills while also telling the story of each tooth lost.

We suggest leaving the completed form outside of the child's room so that the Tooth Fairy can find it without waking the child.

In exchange for filling out the form, the Tooth Fairy leaves a small reward and a receipt so the child knows the tooth has been inspected (our Tooth Fairy gives the option to keep the tooth or donate it).

A lovely gold certificate is also included to commemorate the first tooth loss.

There's no need for a tooth pillow because the Reporting Form includes a place to attach the tooth and keep it safe. All the details about the event, as well as the tooth can be stored together in the box for safekeeping!

Set Includes:

  • Tooth Fairy Set includes:
    Lost Tooth Certificate with shiny gold details
  • Lost Tooth Reporting Forms with a place to attach each tooth (25 sheet notepad)
  • 15 Tooth Fairy Visit Receipts
  • Tooth-Loss Record to keep track of each tooth loss
  • Tooth-Saver Necklace to wear when a tooth is wiggly