Time To Grow PR

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Got chapped cheeks?
A drool rash?
Sore, runny nose?
A little boo-boo?
FIX IT!!! This convenient stick is a must have on you baby bag, purse, baggage,
beach bag and more.
This stick is certified. Made with 10 premium organic ingredients that deeply
nourish and defend dry, chapped and irritated skin. Free from Petrolatum, Dyes,
Artificial Fragrances and other toxic chemical ingredients.  More important is
mess free, non-greasy, goopy or sticky.
Friendly for any types of skin even babies. Can be use for chapped cheeks, lips,
chins, on boo-boos or even new tattoos! Glides on easily and starts working
immediately to help defend, replenish and rebuild skin…of all ages.